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One day one of Indian diplomat Apa Pant asked his master:
"Master, tell me what is a meditation?"
"Is there a break between one thought and a second?" - asked master.
"Yes, there is" - answered Apa Pant.
"Add it in! This is the meditation."

How easy is to instruct a human, when we have already considerable part of our path behind us at a moment when he see scarcely its outlines. I remember what I had experienced by myself, when I was in similar circumstances. What could happen with a diminutive child, when his parents could have an idea to introduce a diet inadequate for his age?
A level of handed over knowledge should be adjusted to the possibilities of comprehending and implementing in practice by students, than as a result work of a teacher will serve to his charges. Introspection and meditation are splendid tools developing awareness, making possible gradual widening knowledge about own identity. It's a pity that challenges of present time make impossible to utilize it optimal by most of human beings. Than, before as a teacher we will make decision about sharing with our creative potential, let's define ourselves in a context of possibilities of pupil.
Observing participants of workshops carrying by Centre OBK "Vega" I come to a conviction that considerable majority need an elemental knowledge about basic "tool", thanks to which they "shift" a world of energy on perceived by senses "reality".
I think about this marvelous, complicated creature - our organism. Lack of knowledge how to "attend" it and about possibilities which brings privilege of it possession seems to be a large hindrance on the way of further development. For example: most of the people with which contact care about their outer appearance and constantly chase for ways of "polishing up" it, to improve own attractiveness. There is nothing wrong in it. Truly most of people are sensitive for beauty. But let's remember that exactly our organism (an external scamp) is a perfect measure of changes occurring on deeper levels of life. I say more, "habit of caring" enforced by "externality" can "hush up" big problems on others than physical levels of existence and make up meaningful obstruction on the way of their localization and what is following - transformation. There is no way separate spirit and body, neither development of human and self-explore in creation. Each of us appeared here for himself and has in himself the knowledge of concerning a way of his develop. It is necessary to help him to "take it out". The ways which we will use depend on possibilities of addresses and on knowledge of teacher.

Life is a continual change. Let's trust to our inner wisdom of each human. Let it leads each human being the most proper path during successive stages of increasing.

Best regards
Teresa Maria Zalewska


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