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Blue-sky route

Cycle: The paths of self-cognition

Teresa Maria Zalewska

Mad merry-go-round.

Very frequently we use to make a choice, considering aware development, under the influence of suffering. Lack of opportunities of finding satisfying solution for afflicting problems, curiosity of internal landscape or continuation of the way of beings, which became our ideal, are rather rarely reasons of self- interest, transgressing beyond accepted life style.
Beginnings are usually difficult. As a result of my experiences, I know that conscious work with subliminal level of life (from this place we set out on the “blue-sky rout”) is easier and more efficient, if is strengthened by, well understand own needs, group.
“Realization” of blockades can be linked with a kind of nice sensation if we are open, for example, for ways of work with self, which are connected with feeling of pleasure (art therapy).
Feeling of joy accompanying to creative realization through elements of energetic exercises, choreo or music therapy makes easy disclosed during the therapy volatility of moods or even somatic ailments, which often imitate disease of physical body.
Systematic work on rooting out old ideas shouldn’t, anyway, restricts only to participation in workshops. New vision of self and own life support by techniques of work with mind (between others – visualization), should find its reflection in creativity, which similar like workshop methods, become then specific, and in my belief, most efficient catharsis.
On this level creativity can exonerate decks of fear, for which the best counterweight represents passion companying engaged activity.
On this stage the answer for a question: “What do I like?” regards not only our imagination of this subject, but also feelings.
I can’t imagine the passionate creating without powerful, supporting his activity, positive emotion. Then, and only then, we are able to defeat many limiting our creative field, restrictions, which source is in deeply suppressed fear.
This is very difficult and filled by laborious work and umpteen doubts period, but when we get rid of relatively small part of ballast, we feel relief.
At once the situations in which during long years had dominated upsetting experiences became feelingly neutral, sometimes we experience even the satisfaction, which is the best measure of our personal change.
After the differently long training in a range of creativity balanced with feelings (creation from the level of intuition), our chances for establishing more beneficial conditions of life are growing up.
Slowly we become experts in domain of “blocks arranging “on our life chessboard.
But heads up! If we still have wherewithal of “voyager of own interior”, beware of material merry-go-round trap. My experiences arise that on this stage, adepts of development very often yield the illusion of material manipulations, which…………………they had created by themselves.
There is remaining for them nothing else than mad daily round on the wheel of the fortune.
Where to leads us this transformation? We’ll talk later about this question.


Does the realization of your imaginations about yourself and surrounding reality have any relation with real needs? – This is frequently asking question to participants of workshops leading by Center OBK “Vega”.
Some affirm that even they dream, they have difficulty with defining needs, because there is a problem with the identification of feelings. They believe that it is a merit of education system, which prefers a program promoting the development of logic hemisphere. Often they cast lack of skills of managing with emotional and intuitive sphere of life on shortage of open to all, practical knowledge of this subject. Independently of the reason, there is hard live in harmony with self , omitting possibilities which for creation of life experience brings opulence of inspiration hidden in intuitive sphere of existence.
Lack of connection of imaginations with feelings in creativity, brings us many a time to deep disappointment, don’t say to feeling of unhealthy emptiness, even when the target of undertaking was scored. Often in such the moments we stop to understand ourselves. Feeling a great discomfort, we try to manage with it, jamming in many way this how upsetting bummer.
One of pretty frequently choosing, by participants of our workshops, opportunities is suppressing the psychic pain, through fast and mindless realization of next purpose.
Are we able to spot on this mad merry-go-round ourselves such how we are “here and now”, or only our imagination about ourselves being legacy of past events or irrational illusions?
Two years ago got to the workshops young woman. On the beginning she had realized with interest next elements of work, keep a close eye on the group. Undoubtedly she searched.
As she told, she took part in most of organized workshops leading by various origin and nationality, spiritual teachers, or other healers.
She had placed herself on the level of realization of Universal Love, simultaneously (how arise from her utterance), staying in a conflict with herself and with her closest relatives.
I wondered how it is possible, that the imaginations can be so far from the stream of life, from feeling it.
In my consulting room I had constantly confronted with neurotics searching for help. As a rule, they had refused all treatments, which regardless on the kind of therapy, can be painful. They yearned for miracle, which cures without pain. Similarly she, wanted feel “good in her own skin” found the very clever way of duration in contradiction (the I stage of healing due to Dr Barbara Kubler-Ross). She had identified in the imagination with a very advanced in spiritual development being.
She went away with her illusion.
For farewell she left a piece of paper with this beautiful, but confirming my supposition, text:

A doll made of salt

The doll made of salt went through thousands kilometers by the land,
And one time she had reached the sea.

She was fascinated by this movable and strange mass,
Entirely different of everything, what she had seen until now.

“Who are you?” – asked the sea the doll made of salt,
The sea answered with smile:
“Come and see!”
And the doll went to the sea.

But as she had immersed more,
So she dissolved more.

Until there remained almost nothing
Before there was dissolved last piece,
The doll exclaimed, astonished:
“Now I know who I am!”

Best regards
Teresa Maria Zalewska

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